New frets & bone nut :: 1967 Guild Starfire IV [7.6 lbs]

Here's an all-mahogany 335-style Hoboken Guild in for new frets and unbleached bone nut.  Photos of the fretwork can be seen here and here.  This is also the guitar that I dumped kitty litter into in an attempt to take the curse off of a moldy smell.

The Melita Syncro-Sonic bridge radius needed to be adjusted to match the fingerboard's radius.  While working on the bridge I found that the foot was double-stick taped to the top.  In order to give more range to the action adjustment (and side-to-side), the tape was removed and the underside of the bridge foot was re-fit to the top in order to lower the overall height.

The exposed patches of mahogany on the body were lightly sealed with shellac and the guitar strung with Thomastik flats.  This is a great sounding guitar.  She will be missed ...