Bridge from Hell :: 1994 Fender Strat Plus Deluxe [7.8 lbs]

Here is an interesting Strat that was in last week for a setup.  It has a set of the Lace Sensor blue, silver and red pickups along with a LSR roller nut, locking tuners and Fender's Deluxe Floyd Rose-style locking bridge.  The fret ends on the maple fingeboard needed to be dressed as they were extremely sharp.  I also removed a couple shims from the roller nut to lower the action over the first fret.

Oh boy, the bridge though.  This design is a pain in the ass to set up.  The string ball ends need to be clipped off and then locked into the saddles - no problems there.  But in order to adjust the intonation, you need to make your adjustments through the rear cavity in the back.  There are two adjustments for each saddle, one to lock it down and one to act as a stop for the intonation.  I found that making these adjustments was much easier with the bridge removed from the body, so I would string it up to check the intonation and then have to remove the bridge to make my adjustments.  Then reinstall and string up to check.  Further complicating things were the too-short intonation stop screws on the low E and A.  They were so short that I had to fabricate shims to keep the saddles from creeping forward under string tension.  These shims had to be precisely fitted as they dictate the intonation for those strings.

I've worked on quite a few Strats and Fender threw me an unexpected curve ball on this one.