Here's a Tele with an aftermarket Hipshot string bender (previously installed) in for a setup recently.  Quite the contraption!

The neck angle needed to be increased via the micro-tilt adjustment in the heel and the saddles notched to help keep the string spacing consistent at the bridge.  As for the string bender itself, there is 6th string drop (set for a whole step down E - D), 3rd string hand lever (set to raise a whole step G - A) and a hip-activated lever on the 2nd string (set for a whole step up B - C#).

This is my first time with one of these and am quite impressed with the design of the bender.  The B-bender is hip activated (see photo above) and takes some getting used to.  The G palm lever is much more familiar as it mimics a traditional vibrato.  After playing one of these, I'm itching to get my hands on a real deal Clarence White B-Bender.  The original B-Bender is controlled via the upper strap button where you push down on the neck.  Check out this link for more info.