New York City guitarist Tyson Harvey of Moth to Flame shared this video from his recent gig in Brooklyn.  The tune is their take on Billy Cobham's "Red Baron" off of his landmark album Spectrum (1973).  Tyson is playing his 2012 claro walnut Chubbuck Mousa 002 with Lollar standard wind Imperials through the club's Fender Twin Reverb reissue and gain from a Fuchs Plush Valve Job.  He gets a great tone from the bridge pickup.  I'm also a huge sucker for a Rhodes piano - they just sound sooooo damn good!  (Ivo Lorenz on keys)

I must say that it's incredibly humbling to see your instruments played live.  While I'm the one who put this once-pile-of-wood together, it's the musician that ultimately breathes life into the guitar and completes the cycle.  I sign the inside of my guitars with "May this instrument inspire you to inspire others."

Thank you Tyson for your trust in me and keeping my lamp burning --- inspiring me to keep pushing onward.

I'll update this post to include other videos from the show when they become available.  Make sure you check out Tyson's band if you are in the NYC area ( and you can find more details of his guitar by clicking below.