On The Bench :: videos posted daily

Happy October!  Like many, I love fall as you can feel that change is in the air.  The weather varies greatly from day to day here in New England and there is a sense of excitement.  This change has inspired me since I last checked in with you.

I have started a daily vlog (aka "video log") in which I am posting videos every day from the shop.

That's right, every weekday I will be shooting, editing and posting a new video featuring something I am working on that day.  Whatever is on the bench, I will shoot a quick video to give you a peek into my daily life here at the shop.  Footage outside of the shop is also being included to add a little context to the day's video.

I am inspired by NYC film maker Casey Neistat's daily vlog where he produces incredible videos seven days a week.  He started his vlog earlier this year and is currently up to #196.  One hundred ninety six consecutive days.  Once you see the quality of his work, it is amazing that he finds time to sleep (and his name is pronounced, "nice tat").

You can follow the daily videos of my OTB_vlog by subscribing to the Chubbuck Guitars YouTube channel.  They also have a dedicated home here on the site www.chubbuckguitars.com/vlog.

Check out the video playlist below to catch up on this series so far and let me know what you think.  I would love to hear your feedback.

"On the Bench" daily videos posted throughout the week.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel to follow along. #OTB_vlog