Chubbuck Guitars has a new home! This past weekend my friend DaveO and I moved all of my equipment to a new shop in Lynn, MA. This shop is only 25 minutes north of Boston. DaveO and I had our hands full, but we were able to take a few photos along the way ...

Here is the loading dock with a 16' truck that was rented for the weekend. Up on the top floor is my new shop. The two banks of three windows plus the single one on the left are mine.


Loading out of the old garage shop was not too bad. The lift gate on the truck was a lifesaver.

Here's my trucker pose from DaveO's perspective. This thing was a lot of fun to drive, but you felt every bump in the road.

The mysterious DaveO! Here we are on our last run up the freight elevator. We did two truck runs and who knows how many trips on the elevator.


The space filled up quickly. Everything is moved in and it is just a matter of figuring out the best layout.


Here's DaveO signing off in his final desent down the freight elevator. I can't thank him enough for his huge help on the move. It took much longer than I had planned on and he stuck it out well into the night. He even gave me a call the next day, so we're still on good terms!


There you go, more photos will be posted once everything is set up. I am pretty beat up from the move but very excited to keep things progressing. Stay tuned!