Boston guitarist Tyler Drabick's PRS McCarty was in the shop last week for new frets and a setup. He plays in the monster guitar / organ / drum trio known as Otis Grove. He also runs his own shop Boss Organ where he restores organs, amps, Leslie's, Rhodes / Wurli's, etc.  Tomorrow night they begin their Tuesday residency at the Church of Boston for the month of March. All four shows are loaded with special guests and will be recorded for an upcoming live album! Also I will be photographing all four nights of the residency as well.

Here is one of my photos used for Otis Grove's flyer.

And the back shows the special guests for each week.

So a really fun month in store where I can get out of the shop and enjoy the fruits of my labor and hang with some killer local musicians.

Photos of these nights will be posted to Kevin Chubbuck Photography.


UPDATE: 2014-08-09

Photos HERE!

And the "Live in Boston" album is also available.  Check it out!

Here is video from the last night of the residency with Jared & Brian of Akashic Record.

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