So another guitar is quickly taking shape during it's crazy final week of the build. Every guitar tends to put me through an intense final few days where I am up all hours of the night striving to hit a deadline. These nights are demanding of my endurance as the level of focus required gets ramped up.

The photo above shows Mousa 002 after the first grit of the wet sand. Two more grits are required before taking it to the buffing wheel for the final polish.

As for the fittings - the bridge foot is fit to the top as are the humbucker rings; all need final detailing. Always trying to push and refine my guitars, a new tailpiece design will be implemented on this hollowbody. In past builds I have used my take on a Ribbecke-style wooden hinge. The new design has me delving into brass forming and has me quite excited.

So, today is Wednesday and I have three more nights to get a shit ton of work completed before this guitar can speak. The insanity of the final week always tests my patience and focus, but stringing up the guitar and hearing a once pile of wood come to life is a truly incredible experience.