A client wanted his favorite guitar documented so I pulled it apart, took photos and wrote down some notes for him.  It's a 2000 Mexi Strat body with a Tele neck that he put together.

The pickguard is loaded with Fender ’57/‘62 pickups measuring 6.42K (neck),  6.45K (middle non-RWRP), 6.45K (bridge).  The middle pickup is non-reverse wound / non-reverse polarity so it is not hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4.

Some details of the audio path components:

  • Master volume, neck & middle p/u tone, bridge p/u tone, 5-way switch
  • 250K audio taper CTS volume pot “GTR ELEC 250KA CTS 0519”
  • 250K linear taper CTS tone pots “EP4985 250K 0521"
  • Sprague Vitamin Q 0.033 µf tone cap (shared)

The bridge is a Callaham Mexican Std vibrato bridge and arm.

The MIM Tele neck's details:

  • Indian Rosewood fingerboard with 9.5"R
  • 0.870" thick, 1-5/8" wide @ 1st fret
  • 0.910" thick, 2" wide @ 12th fret
  • frets 0.103" wide by 0.048" tall
  • vintage style locking tuners