A made in Montana Gibson jumbo in for a few things.  Originally it came in for the pickup to be removed and for the bridge pins to be better fit.  The pickup was a Barcus Berry bridge plate pickup that was fairly easy to remove.  The adhesive had deteriorated so it peeled off cleanly.  The output jack in the tail block was replaced by a NoJak.  These are sized to fit an enlarged end pin hole with a collet and allen screw tightened from the inside.  It's a good solution to plugging and redrilling the tail block, but always seems to require quite a bit of fitting.

While addressing the pickup removal, I noticed that the Gibson Deluxe tuners were damaged so I attempted to repair them.

During the setup I discovered that the nut was too worn out with excessive open string buzzes.  We went with a new bone nut and shimmed up the saddle to round out the setup.  Check out the shaping of the new bone nut below in the video from the daily vlog.