A super low-tuned Jackson SL1 Soloist in for some hopeful improved tuning stability.  The low tuning is C standard (CFA#D#GC) and strung with GHS Boomers 12-52.

Another shop custom fabricated saddle stops in order to hold the 3rd and 6th saddles that needed to be pushed back to compensate for the low tuning.  This iteration of the Floyd Rose bridge was not designed to have those saddles so far back, hence the custom stops.

I was really impressed with machining of these stops, they blend in with the bridge perfectly.  The only things I did was some minor tweaks to the saddle intonation positions and re-tightened all of the hardware.  And there is a ton of hardware on these Floyd Rose / locking nut setups.  Tightening the hardware seemed to improve the tuning stability for me, but ultimately the player was still having issues (most likely to an aggressive attack and the low tension of the strings) .  He later brought the guitar back and we set it up for Eb.