It seems like more and more basses have been coming by the shop lately.  Here is an interesting one.  This 5 string bass has a narrow neck, almost like Ibanez used a 4 string neck on a 5 string setup.  The outer strings were very close to the edge of the fingerboard and causing issues for the player.  He even made his own notches in the original saddles in an attempt to correct the issue. 

I searched around for for options, initially seeing if I could use different saddles with the original bridge but ultimately came across this Schaller 5 string bridge.  This bridge offered adjustable spacing fell in a more useable outer string spacing range for this narrow neck.  The only issue was that the new bridge needed to be pushed back further on the body to intonate properly.  You can see the original bridge footprint peeking out in front of the new Schaller bridge (see photo above).  The player was made aware of this and gave me the green light to proceed as he valued playability over minor cosmetics.

I took these photos before the customer stopped by to check out the new bridge so the original mounting holes were left untouched.  After going through options with the player, we ended up plugging the two holes with ebony plugs on the spot.  I wanted him to see the options in person before proceeding.  The new bridge was just what this bass needed!

Check out the video below for the layout and mounting of the new bridge.