An early 90's Strat in with some electronics issues.  The output was completely dead so I popped off the jack plate and found a broken connection that needed to be resoldered.  A fairly standard issue repair on Strats.  Another issue was that this player's neck pickup had been acting up for some time and finally cut out him.  When I pulled the pickup I found that the inside coil lead had been cut.  The flatwork looked like a cutting board where a nick perfectly matched the break.  A fellow local tech and pickup winder friend of mine, Chris Tatoyian of Black Cat Guitar, told me of a great fix he has used in the past.  Since it is the inside wrap, I can't unwind the pickup and resolder to the pickup lead.  His fix is to use copper shielding tape and make a soldering pad on the flatwork.  Total genius!  This trick saved the pickup from having to be rewound or replaced.  You rule Chris!