Up on the roof :: Chubbuck Rogue 005 & Kalliope 001

Not technically "on the bench" ... I jumped up on the roof to get a few photos of the new builds. I caught the tail end of the sunset and wanted to try again, but didn't have the chance before the Kalliope (right) shipped out last month.  The Rogue (on the left) is available to demo in person here at the ship.  Please contact me if interested.  I have been enjoying hearing a variety of players and styles come through and play it for me.  Video demos are up here as well:  www.chubbuckguitars.com/video

Details on each guitar (build & final photos, specs, videos):

Left: http://www.chubbuckguitars.com/acoustic/rogue005

Right: http://www.chubbuckguitars.com/acoustic/kalliope001