Blocking the "Trem" :: 2010 Fender Stratocaster [7.6 lbs]

The player of this Strat doesn't really use the whammy bar, so he wanted to convert the floating bridge to a hard tail.  A fixed bridge can improve things like tuning stability, sustain and even help with the pitch accuracy of double stop bends (ie. bending one string into/against another).

This hardtail conversion involves fitting a block (maple used here) into the spring cavity in the back of the guitar between the bridge block and the rear cavity wall (sorry, forgot to get a photo).  Many people call this "blocking the trem" in which they are referring to the floating bridge as a tremolo.  But this is not technically accurate as tremolo is a modulation in volume.  Vibrato is really the phenomenon going on with a whammy bridge as you are modulating the pitch.  So I guess we are really, "blocking the vibe".