Fretjob & Bone Nut :: 1994-95 Japanese Fender Tele / Foto Flame [8.3 lbs]

A mid nineties Japanese Tele in for a refret.  The fingerboard had a vintage 7.25" fingerboard radius and rise over the body was choking out big bends high up the neck for this player.  We decided to flatten the extreme radius down to 10"R and plane down the body hump in the process.  The tele cup jack was also swapped out for a more rugged electrosocket jack.

Note that this neck looks like a killer piece of flame maple, but it is some dubious trickery at play.  The flame on this neck is actually a piece of film that is wrapped over the neck during the finish process.  This technique is branded "Foto Flame" and looks really convincing until you move the guitar in the light.  A true flame figure will roll in the light (light areas becomes dark and vice-versa).  The dark spots on this stay consistently dark.  Check out this link for more info on Fender's fake flame forgery.  (There's a conspiracy that a worker placed the Hamburglar's face in the flame!)