Fylde Octavius Bouzouki [3.5 lbs] :: setup

This Irish bouzouki came in for a setup where the player was looking to experiment with string gauges.  He wanted to go heavier on the 1st and 2nd courses (each tuned unison D & A respectively).  The 3rd course was originally tuned to a D octave, but the player wanted more punch and emphasis on the fundamental (less upper harmonics / chorus) to accommodate his melodic  runs on those strings.  The octave string's nut slot was enlarged to for a bigger string so that this 3rd string course could be tuned in unison D (same larger string gauge).

I'm making this sound way more confusing than it really is ...  :)  For those that are unsure, strings are numbered from the highest pitch to the lowest, so in the photo above, right (1) to left (4).  Oh and courses are groups of strings that can be considered one "note" (or interval / chord depending on the number of strings per course).  Now I'm really confusing you, aren't I?