New saddle, bad pickup & no relief  :: 2008 Kinal Kompact Bass [4.5 lbs]

Here's a 30" short scale acoustic bass that came through the shop recently for a setup.  The low E was having some low-output issues that I tried to correct with a new properly fit bone saddle (the original was way too loose).  I tried every trick I know but ultimately could not improve that string's output.  Ultimately I found that the B-Band undersaddle pickup was damaged under the E string (pickup was delaminated) and needed to be replaced.

The player strung this bass with super-low tension Thomastik-Infeld Acousticore strings #AB344 (0.041" -0.086").  These soft-feel strings did not have enough tension to pull the neck into a favorable forward bow (relief) and the neck needed to be heat-pressed into relief.