1960's Silvertone 1488 Silhouette [7.4 lbs] :: bum switches & broken truss rod.

A bunch of work went into this guitar.  The removable truss rod was broken (and missing the adjustment nut), a small crack near the nut between the neck and the fingerboard, the original rocker switches were shot and the pickguard had shrunk and become distorted.

First the truss rod was repaired and the neck crack glued.  The switches were replaced with a Jaguar setup, and the pickguard mounting holes in the body were plugged and the guard re-mounted with new screws (I also added a few screws between the pickups and the neck to hold down the puffed up pickguard).  The tuner bushings were replaced as I could not source a replacement for one that was missing.  A neck shim along with a new bone nut finished off the setup.  These DeArmond Silverfoils sound incredible.