Counterfeit Martin D45S [4.8 lbs] :: sharp fret ends & setup

This customer has a good sense of humor.  He stops by and says "I have Martin D-45 for you!  Should be worth quite a bit of money!"  I was immediately suspicious as pulled it out of a stained Washburn gig bag.  We both had a good laugh and he described a few issues to address, like the high action and sharp fret ends.  Upon inspection I found a slew of other issues (as to be expected on such a cheap copy) with a lifting bridge, loose braces, uneven frets and an über-sloppy saddle fit (see video below).  We decided to keep costs down and just make it more comfortable to play and only addressed the fret ends and action.

The serial number dates it to 1944 ... a rare year indeed for Martin cutaways since they weren't available until the 1980's.  Also check out this oddly-worded label ... yikes.