Removable side repair :: 1999 Luthier Music Corp TRVL01 Travel Guitar [2.1 lbs]

This was an interesting project that made me feel more like a boat builder than a guitar guy.  The sides on this travel classical are removable and over time the tabs that fit into the body had become damaged and previously repaired.  One of the tabs was even cut off and super-glue-lap-joined to the side.  All of the tabs needed to be repaired, so each tab was epoxied and wrapped with fiberglass and mahogany veneer on each side.  I used InstaMorph (moldable plastic pellets) to make inner and outer molds for each tab (eight molds in total) to maintain the shape during glue-up.  The lap-joined tab was removed and notched into the side before reinforcing.  After cleaning up and fitting each tab, the repairs were sealed with a light coat of shellac and waxed.  Many, many hours on this seemingly simple project.