Cheap guitars don't skimp on the glue :: Crestline CIT-105 [3.3 lbs]

Normally I turn away extremely poor quality guitars as they always need a ton of work and usually don't come out that great in the end.  It's not about the money, it's about helping clients make informed decisions that they will ultimately be happy that they made.  This Crestline belongs to a shop neighbor who got it for free.  I told him the list of things wrong with it (cracked/lifting plastic bridge, distorted top, seized tuners, horrible frets/lumpy fingerboard, etc.) and that it frankly wasn't worth putting any money into (and that he should put the repair costs towards a better instrument).  After I felt bad for practically shitting all over his new guitar, I agreed to at least string it up for him but with the understanding that I would not touch anything else.

And "anything else" included the loose back brace shown above ... though technically, I did have to fish it out of the sound hole ... look at the insane amount of glue squeeze out - yikes!

Also note the screws holding down the pick guard.  On an acoustic guitar.  Jeeze.