New saddle on an overset neck :: Washburn WD20SCE [5.0 lbs]

This dreadnought cutaway came in with buzzy, super low action.  Normally I can just shim up the saddle to correct this (and save the customer a little money) but this wouldn't work in this situation.  The original saddle was already shimmed and poorly fit in the bridge (ie. loose).  Adding a shim that this needed would have not held as the high neck angle required a very tall saddle and would have broken the shim right off (think how you break a Kit Kat bar).  The only solution was making a new saddle.  This neck angle is so high that it just about maxed out the bone saddle blanks I have in stock.  Usually you like to see about 3/16" of saddle exposure above the bridge.  This one has about 9/32" (+ 3/32")!