A neck-through early 80's Japanese Yamaha PJ (note the reverse P pickup) in for a neck strip and refinished with Tung oil.  There is some nice birdseye figure in this neck that didn't really show until I stripped the thick poly and started to apply the oil.  During the setup I found many uneven frets so a level, crown and polish was required to get the action super low for this player.  With older guitars, often the screws are an odd assortment of non-originals.  This was missing a few pickup screws that needed to be replaced with the proper metric ones.  The bridge pickup even had a coarse wood screw holding it in place.  Thankfully the pickup threads were not damaged (somehow) and cleanly accepted a new screw.  The side-mounted output jack plate also fell victim to the random screw swapping so I replaced them all with a matching quartet.

Video of the fret level and neck strip from the vlog below.

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