A relic'd partscaster Tele with a history of random signal loss in for a while-you-wait repair.  This has been through a couple other shops in the area and ended up on my bench for an emergency fix last week.  I did the usual checking of all connections by eye, with a meter, reflowing suspect joints and physically stressing connections while the guitar was connected to an amp.  I even checked the resistance of both pickups to make sure there wasn't a broken coil.  Something I did ended up fixing the no-output issue, but I don't know exactly what was the cause.  Not exactly the most reassuring of repairs, but I made sure to shake, prod and bang on the guitar as much as I could before it left with the player.  Good thing it is a relic!

Note that the fix got the player through the gig so now only time will tell if whatever fix I did will last.