Carvin Cobalt 750S [5.1 lbs] :: side preamp convert Fishman to Baggs Stagepro Anthem

This player wanted to swap out a Fishman Prefix Plus-T to an LR Baggs Stagepro Anthem.  The Fishman side-mounted preamp is considerably larger than the Baggs Stagepro preamp so a step-down conversion ring was fabricated.  The adapter was made from black / white / black pickguard stock for flexibility and durability and the edges were beveled for a nice clean look.  I used the original mounting holes in the side so the old Fishman preamp can be cleanly reinstalled if desired in the future (no extra holes).  The Baggs Anthem system combines an undersaddle pickup with an internal microphone (mounts to the bridge plate) and both sources can be mixed via the preamp.