Alvarez by Kazuo Yairi MMY1 [5.0 lbs] :: intonation, soundhole break and battery splice.

The player was noticing that some notes played up the neck were more dissonant than usual.  Upon checking the intonation, I found the 5th string to be 15 cents sharp at the 12th fret.  This bridge saddle is actually comprised of six individual saddles, so the A**  saddle's contact point was pushed back and shimmed back up to it's original action.

The 9V battery clip was spliced at one point with an excessive length of lead making the battery compartment difficult to close.  The original splice was held together with electrical tape only so it was easy to separate.  I shortened, soldered and shrink wrapped the leads.  I also used some heat to retention the tired plastic latch on the battery door.

The soundhole had an issue that was repaired here.

**note this guitar is really tuned 1/2 step down, so Ab