Neck prep :: using a drum sander to thickness pegheads.

Here I'm thicknessing the rear of the headstocks for Rogue 005 and Kalliope 001 before I laminate them.  When I worked at Santa Cruz, they had a shop-made drum sander that works awesome for quickly thicknessing pegheads.  I have always thought that I was going to have to build something similar for myself but have gotten around this task by using a Wagner Safe-T-Planer in my drill press.  This time around I decided to see if I could use my new-ish drum sander.  I was extremely pleased to find that the in-feed roller on the drum sander is easily removable.  Much better results with this method in less time, but super dusty.  I used a fan to attempt to direct some of the dust into the hood but I'll need to rig up something better next time. 

Note: the Safe-T-Planer method works fairly well, but it requires more time to clean up the transition from head to neck.