1992 Fender Jazz Plus V 5 string [9.3 lbs] :: new bone nut and setup

This features a Kubicki preamp and Lace Sensor J pickups.  The controls are top to bottom:

stacked master volume :: pan between pickups

stacked treble cut/boost :: bass cut/boost

4-way rotary with standby (mute), active with mid boost (internal trim pot to adjust mids), active and passive

The bass came into the shop quite neglected.  It was really grimy (especially the fingerboard), only strung with the A, D & G strings and missing the nut.  The low B saddle screw was bent and missing the set screws that adjust the height.

I first cleaned the guitar and replaced the saddle screws on the B.  A new bone nut was fabricated and a fresh 9V battery installed  The bass was set up with a set of  D’Addario EXL 160-5 round wound strings.