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Chubbuck Guitars build prep :: productive week

Chubbuck Guitars build prep :: productive week.

I changed out my knives on the jointer so I wanted to prep the next hollowbody build cycle.  The back row (left to right):

  1. European maple top & back (Mousa 003 hollowbody)
  2. Flame mahogany top & back (Mousa 004 semi hollowbody)
  3. Claro walnut back & redwood top (Mousa 005 semi hollowbody)

I also prepped neck blanks for M3 (3-piece flame maple), M4 (flame mahogany) and five mahogany acoustic necks (two set aside for K001 & R005).  Mousa 005 will most likely be getting a Claro walnut neck.

Next week will be back to binding acoustic bodies for  Kalliope 001 and Rogue 005.